High Class Escorts Have Dropped Their Standards

High class escort Carol looks really fit and hot….would you pay £500 an hour for this amazing lady?

High Class Escort Carol

“Beauty is only skin deep. If you go after someone just because she’s beautiful but don’t have anything to talk about, it’s going to get boring fast. You want to look beyond the surface and see if you can have fun or if you have anything in common with this person.
Amanda Peet ”
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Words From The Heart

Stroking the male ego

“Male egos require constant stroking. Every task is an achievement, every success epic. That is why women cook, but men are chefs: we make cheese on toast, they produce pain de fromage.”
? Belle de Jour, The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl

A Short Four Letter Word From Paris Hilton Costs Over A $100

“There’s nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde, like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana and, right now, I’m that icon.”

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OK Paris maybe a heiress to a multi-billion dollar industry but she’s also a savy businesswoman as well as being a party girl. One of her tweets alone will cost you close to $5000 dollars ($4,600) and if we think about how many words or characters we can fit into your average tweet, thats $32 per character, wow not a bad way to make that extra income


Paris Hilton Twitter For Sales

Best Hotels for Lovers in London


When you are on a vacation and you are looking for a romantic experience, the hotel is half of the battle to achieving this goal. You will be able to find the best hotels for you and your lovers in London without any issues when you look in to staying at any of the following hotels. If you are staying in London with a lover or if your a very wealthy international businessman and just going on a date with a london escort, then you must consider any of these three choice locations. The top three best hotels for lovers in London include One Aldwych, 41 Hotel London (TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award Winner) and The Milestone Hotel and Apartments. These three locations are the best choices for lovers to spend some time because of their romantic scenery, the embellished decor, and the privacy that you will be able to enjoy from the beginning of your stay, all the way until check out..

If you are looking for the best hotels for lovers in London, then you are going to love any of these establishments.

  • One Aldwych is a modern hotel that is privately owned and run. This location is the optimal place for lovers to get the romance and privacy that is sought after in the London area. You will walk through the Covent Garden in order to get the heart of the property for sign in. Then you will be able to stroll confidently through the halls knowing that your visit will be discrete. You can enjoy the contemporary décor and designs on the way up to your beautiful room, where you do not have to leave for anything unless you want to.
  • 41 is a completely private establishment that will ensure that you are comfortable and treated like royalty through out the course of your visit. This is a completely amazing design with an old world feel that is styled with black and white overall with earthy toned accents. There is a luxury feel with an elegantly illuminated interior. You will feel like the most important people in London during your stay.
  • The Milestone Hotel and Apartments makes it possible for lovers to have a longer term stay in the beautiful heart of London. You will be able to enjoy the historical Victorian feel of the establishment that has a gorgeous view of the Kensington Palace. Each individual room has a boutique feel that makes it different from the next room. You can get a completely individual experience every time you decide to stay on this lovely property.

If you are lovers in London and you are looking for a wonderful place to stay than you can consider any of these best hotels for lovers in London. The best hotels for lovers in London will not only be in a great location; however, they will also make you feel special from the moment you walk in the door, to the moment that you check out. Take your experience with London to the next level, and have a great time at either the One Aldwych, 41, and The Milestone Hotel and Apartments.

Dating For The Disabled And Disadvantaged?

Chanel Four Sex On Wheels Escort Episode

One enterprising website has decided it’s had enough with the normal dating sites that only cater to able-bodied people and gone ahead to make a site only for those who are less able. Dating4disabled.com was created to connect disabled people of all backgrounds and others
who faced the same situation as themselves, on their site it states that their mission is to empower the disabled committee by providing them with a global network would single singles can find friendship romance and lifelong partnerships. It has been often said by many a critic of the major of the dating sites that those less fortunate have been overlooked and not been given any options to date with out feeling rejected and undervalued

An example of that will be a dating site that caters only for beautiful people who are tall slim fit and have no disability whatsoever have it seems that they will allow people who have some money in the pocket to John the site those so-called sugar daddies. The Internet can be a vicious place where prejudice is celebrated though carefully hidden under the guise of exclusivity.

There have been cases and new stories recently where the disabled in the UK are frequently being forced to hire the services of highly attractive escorts in london and this was highlighted on a Channel 4 documentary called Sex on Wheels, in one episode John a guy with learning difficulties agrred with his mother to use an escort to lose his virginity mother actually picked up the phone and called an agency for her son. Imagine if that young man was fit and had been able to live his life normally have with his disability he firmly placed in a corner by society that will discriminate against those who are unable to summon the confidence to date a normal non-disabled person

Is it wrong for this mother to book an escort for her son? Whether you think it’s highly immoral or just plain sad is even more immoral that a young man or a woman unable to look after themselves or facing great physical or mental difficulty are not allowed to have the emotional connection that they so desperately need in some cases, a simple human need to stay in touch and stay connected practice the escorts are providing a service that most able bodied human beings would shy away from and that is to be commended that at least they don’t discriminate

Review of The Top London Dating Sites

Online Dating With London Escorts

Are you looking for the best London dating site? some short-term romance? or a life partner to settle down with.  You shouldn’t be afraid to try a dating site, but how do you know which one will be suitable for you.


Firstly, lets face a few facts about dating.  Gone are the days of meeting a companion at a bar or a nightclub, especially if you are not great at pick up lines.  Remember dating is about interaction and being social with your future companion to find out common interest, hobbies traits and goals in life.  Not all of us are great at talking or social interaction with the opposite sex face-to-face at the time when we are lucky enough to find someone attractive.  We think about this one chance only, to get it right without it all falling out our face. Certainly if you are not confident at starting a conversation, you may pull yourself back from trying.


The fact is that we all feel lonely at some point in our life, and a means to fulfill this empty void will really help us all.  Especially when many of your friends are attached, found partners or settled down.  This is where we all need help and depending on how we go about achieving things in life, we all have different means of getting what we want.  Some people may just wait for the right person to come to them by chance, whilst others may ask for spiritual help and if you are not that shy you can always ask a friend.  Unless you are really confident and can go to a bar and openly engage with a attractive lady, you may want to seek alternative methods of finding a date in London.


Luckily we have online dating which has been around for some time now and certainly increasing in popularity.  If you want to find a date in London, you may want to find a website which is the number one dating site in the UK. However, with the popularity of online dating comes a surge in the number of dating sites firstly competing against one another.  You can search for a companion in London on match.com, Plenty of Fish (POF), Ashley Madison.  However, one dating site which has grabbed my attention is eharmony.  Unlike Ashley Madison, with a tagline ‘Life is Short, Have an Affair’ almost give you the impression dating is about short term fun, cheat your partner. If that was the case, you might as well find a high class escorts in London.  Dating should be more about matchmaking and according to recent TV campaign there is nothing better than online dating site that allows you to do just that!


eharmony is a dating site which has a specific goal to match single men and women for long term relationships. This dating site actually uses science to optimise the matchmaking process.  The site was launched in 2000, and has a large audience from UK, mostly in London.  The site actually has a relationship research facility, which generates in depth questionnaire for single people to complete.  From finding out about the the users needs for dating, it does near perfect matches at times and publishes advice to all it’s users.


Most people think that finding a perfect date is about hobbies and interest, but eharmony believes its more about compatibility.  With in-depth analysis, eharmony takes a scientific approach and accounting for the users personal and emotional needs.  The very clever method asks more relevant question including finding out about the users believes, values, skills, emotional state and health. Instead of matching software which many dating site use, eharmony actually uses matching algorithm.  If a matching software is used in dating, it’s usually been programmed by an expert web developer and the software will do what it is programmed to do.  However, the use of this matching algorithm is a new technique used by eharmony is very new and sophisticated.  We all wonder how google keeps changing its algorithm, which is a clever means of analysing information.  This is how eharmony is a winner in the dating arena.


If you ever wondered where the name came from, its certainly not the harmony adult shop based on Oxford Street London. The name is subtle and represents what the business is about.  The website aims to bring ‘compatible’ people together, and recent trends show that eharmony is succeeding in it’s objective. This popular dating site has run many advertising campaign on dating in UK.  So if your objective is to find a compatible companion in London, eharmony may be just the right way forward of course if your really pressed for time then you can always go down the route of hiring an escort just look at the lovely ladies on this website http://www.elitecityescorts.com/ an hour will only cost you the same price as five year annual subscription at a dating site

London Online Companion & Escort Reviews

Natural Advantage london Escort Punterlink Website

There are many online review sites that specifically review escort agencies, sites like the naughty reviews and the erotic review all focus on the experience of the clients who frequent the many escort agencies and independent sites. While they do provide a insight into the quality of services provided by the escorts however many would argue that they turn the dating experience into a commodity to be priced, qualified and assessed just like any other online shops or service providers which can make it feel a bit impersonal and creates a sense that the supermodels who moonlight as escorts on these sites are nothing more than objects

perhaps these these are held by those who are more prudish in their views of what an escort does for a living and their views on those who purchase the services on these beautiful ladies because many a punter has been vocal in his defence in hiring out a date specially on the forums such as punter link where they have those who are caring and supportive of the escorts and those who have a more blasé attitude and see themselves as connoisseurs of the worlds

no matter what you believe or view is on the world of online dating, it has helped a lot of woman and some men overcome great financial burdens and make a better life for themselves. Of course that does come with its own dangers and risks specially if you’re going out on a date with a stranger for the first time and you don’t know who they are and whether they’re capable of committing acts of violence against the service provider. The majority of the case everything proceeds smoothly and everyone goes away happy with what they received however there can be incidents where people have been violent towards these pretty dating service providers and and some have gone as far as to become physically aggressive leaving the escort no choice but call on local law enforcement but here again she faces stigma and prejudice and  in some countries such as the USA and Dubai that can be a difficult position as to whether you report a crime against you or face jail for the perceived act of committing a crime yourself

In London the smaller matter of whether an agency can provide the safety and security required by their many girls who are all perhaps at some time or another concerned about whether this career is something that they would be happier not doing at all due to incidents brought up in the local news and other media outlets who tend to sensationalise minor criminal aggression against the supermodels

Hopefully here at the Natural Advantage escort review we will be able to examine both sides of the issue and offer an unbiased view